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Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas & Herbs

Tea Infuser Ball with Crystal 70% Off!!!

Tea Infuser Ball with Crystal 70% Off!!!

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70% OFF!!! Price drops on the check Out Page!

Tea Infuser Ball for brewing loose Leaf Tea and Herbs. 

Each Tea Ball has a chain attached with a Crystal attached that is square shaped with rounded corners.  Not all crystals are completely square shaped and they have little imperfections of uniqueness as all true crystals due. Each one is unique, there are no 2 that are identical. There are over a dozen types of crystals so you will never know what the universe chooses for you. Threw us the universe will send you the crystal that it right for you at this time. Take it as a sign from the Gods and use your Crystal Tea Ball with your next ritual, spell working or healing session. Or just when you want to enjoy a nice hot cup of Witchy Pooh Tea that will set your taste buds tingling and satisfy your thirst for the desire to break out of the norm.  

Tea Ball Dimensions: These Tea Balls have a diameter of 5.5cm. This is the average size Tea Ball that is used for brewing single cups of Tea. They are large enough though that you can brew multiple cups of Tea at once with this Tea Ball depending on the volume (Fluffiness) of your Tea and Herb that you are brewing. 

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