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Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas & Herbs

Heart Shaped Tea Stainer with Rose Quartz Crystal

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The perfect gift to give this Valentine's Day to anyone who enjoys tea. Show your love or friendship with a gift that it unique. 

Our stainless steel heart shaped Tea Infusers come with a Rose Quartz crystal attached that is also shaped like a heart. We recommend Witchy Pooh's Passionate Kiss Tea to go with your new Tea Infuser. Our Passionate Kiss Tea will shower you or a loved one with flavors that you wont want to take your lips off of. 

In the Picture we have our famous Hibiscus Heaven Tea that is also a great match to go with this Tea infuser. With its tantalizing flavors and vibrant red color. 

Our Heart Tea Infuser with Rose Quartz is the perfect infuser to use while casting love spells, love intentions, or plan to drink or serve a love potion.