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Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas & Herbs

Put A Spell On You Herbal Tea Loose Leaf

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Licorice root and Peppermint with a touch of clove is the most tastebud tantalizing tea you will ever drink! It will lift your spirts while getting your blood flowing. The way the herbs blend with the Peppermint tea will have you wondering why no one thought of this sooner!

Be it love potion or potions of defense, this Put A Spell On You Herbal Tea Loose Leaf has got your back! Crafted with the magical ingredients of Peppermint leaf, licorice root, and cloves, this spellbinding tea will work its charms on you!

Experience a unique, herbal blend of peppermint, licorice, and cloves and our mysterious 'Put A Spell On You' blend. Enjoy a refreshingly sweet, invigorating cup of tea perfect for any time of day. Cast your own spell with Put A Spell On You Herbal Tea Loose Leaf!

Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Peppermint leaf, licorice root, cloves.

Pouch size: 6x9 Stand up, zipper closure, with hanging hole.