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Vampire's Kiss Herbal Tea Loose Leaf

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Sink your teeth into Vampire's Kiss Herbal Tea! This delicious blend of healthy ingredients is a must-have for any vampire or tea enthusiast. Enjoy the natural goodness of this unique loose-leaf tea and boost your health with every sip. What are you waiting for? Try it today! Bring out the Vampire within!

We felt naming this tea Vampire's Kiss was appropriate due to the combination of herbs that are in this tea. Vampires are known for aging very slowly, they have the best immune  systems, and love the color red! Our Vampire's Kiss tea is great tea for your daily enjoyment to bring out the vampire within you. Also a great tea to serve at your next Halloween party!

Ingredients: Rose hips, elderberries, hibiscus petals, fruit flavoring.

Pouch size: 6x9 Stand up, zipper closure, with hanging hole.