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Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas & Herbs

Witchy Pooh's Hawthorn Berries For Rituals to Guide The Deceased to the Afterlife and Connection to the Fairy Realm

Witchy Pooh's Hawthorn Berries For Rituals to Guide The Deceased to the Afterlife and Connection to the Fairy Realm

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 Hawthorn Berries have many different stories of historical use and beliefs from different counties. Some say that Hawthorn Berry trees are inhibited by fairies and are a connection to the fairy realm. One who cuts down the hawthorn berry bush is doomed to perish. Some  others would use hawthorn berries in ritual and ceremonies to bring Beaty to themselves and self love and acceptance.  Love, sex, fertility and healing heart ache. Some cultures burn hawthorn berries at the funeral of a loved one to help guide the dead to safely into the afterlife. Hawthorn berries are widely used in spiritual practice in many cultures.

Hawthorn berries have many spiritual uses and histories:
Hawthorn berries symbolize hope, protection, and love. They are also associated with fertility and fertility in pagan mythology. In Christian tradition, hawthorn berries are associated with the crown of thorns and the wood of Joseph of Arimathea's staff.
Hawthorn berries are considered magical and are said to ward off evil spirits and protect against witches.
Emotional issues
Hawthorn berries can be used for emotional issues, such as emotional body army or emotional overprotection.
Heart healing
Hawthorn flower essence is said to help someone come into their strength and power, and to calm a type A personality.
Marriage and birth ceremonies
The ancient Greeks and Romans used hawthorn in marriage and birth ceremonies.
Physical barrier
Hawthorn berries can be found in small groves and hedges, where they have been planted to create a physical barrier between homes and properties.
May Day
Hawthorn is a pagan symbol of fertility and has ancient associations with May Day. The leaves and flowers of the hawthorn tree are used to make garlands for May Day and appear in the wreath of the Green Man.
Hawthorn has been used in herbal folklore to ward off evil spirits. The Romans would hang hawthorn sprigs over cradles to protect newborn babies. Pagans would string hawthorn flowers into garlands for May Day celebrations
In Celtic mythology, hawthorn is one of the most sacred trees and symbolizes love and protection. It is also known as the Fairy Tree, as fairies live under the Hawthorn as its guardians.
According to folklore, a hawthorn tree was the abode of fairies and stood at the threshold of the Otherworld. Anyone who cut down a fairy tree is doomed to perish. In Ireland, lone hawthorn trees that stand in the middle of a field are never cut down. These trees are thought to bring good luck to the landowner, and terrible misfortune upon whomever damages it. 

Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn berries are the small, red fruits of the hawthorn tree. They have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat a variety of heart conditions, including high blood pressure, heart failure, and arrhythmias. Hawthorn berries are also thought to improve circulation and boost the immune system.

Here are some tips for using hawthorn berries:

To make hawthorn berry tea, steep 1-2 teaspoons of dried berries in hot water for 5-10 minutes.

To make hawthorn berry tincture, combine 1 part dried berries with 5 parts alcohol. Let the tincture sit for 2 weeks, then strain it. Take 1-2 teaspoons of tincture 3 times per day.

Hawthorn berries are a safe and effective herb that can offer a number of health benefits, especially for the heart. Be sure to add them to your natural medicine cabinet today!


  • Hawthorn Berries


  • Whole berries

Item Form:

  • Dried

    Caffeine Content:

    • Caffeine free

    Scientific name: 

    • Crataegus monogyna

    Other popular names:

    • Haws
    • Mayhaws
    • Quickthorn berries
    • Whitethorn berries
    • Hagthorn
    • Haw berry
    • Red haw
    • Thornapple
    • Hedge apples
    • Bread and cheese (the young leaves and flower buds)
    • Motherdie
    • Crataegus


    • Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas and Herbs


    • Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas and Herbs


      • Kraft paper stand up, zipper closure, heat sealed with hanging hole, and viewing window.


      • Single Serving Pouch (4g) Dimensions: (3 1/8" x 2" x 5 1/8")
      • 1oz Pouch (28g) Dimensions: (5 1/8"x3 1/8"x 8 1/8")
      • Also available by case.

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