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Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas & Herbs

Witchy Pooh's White Sage Whole Leaf for Smudging, Purification and Ritual

Witchy Pooh's White Sage Whole Leaf for Smudging, Purification and Ritual

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Embrace the Ritual: Whole Leaf White Sage for Authentic Smudging

Experience the cleansing power of nature in its purest form with our Whole Leaf White Sage. Unlike the finely ground variety, our sage remains untouched and unprocessed, preserving its potent fragrance and natural beauty. Each pouch arrives with whole leaves still firmly attached to their sturdy stems, varying in size from 2 to 6 inches.

White Sage produces a clean crisp smell and lightens the air around you. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties help to neutralize the air for a cleaner healthier environment. 

Immerse yourself in the authentic smudging ritual:

Light the end of the bundle and let the smoke carry the invigorating aroma of white sage throughout your space.

Feel the negative energy dissipate as the cleansing smoke fills the air.

Embrace the calming and purifying properties of this sacred herb.

Our White Sage is the epitome of quality:

Hand-harvested with respect for the plant and the environment.

Sourced from sustainable farms in California.

Dried naturally to preserve the full potency of the essential oils.

Strong-smelling and long-lasting, ensuring multiple cleansing rituals from each pouch.

More than just smudging, White Sage offers a multitude of benefits:

Promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.

Clears negative energy and invites positivity.

Can be used for aromatherapy or added to bathwater.

Elevate your cleansing rituals with the unadulterated power of Whole Leaf White Sage. Order your pouch today and experience the ancient wisdom of this sacred herb.

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  • White Sage whole still on stems (may contain small pieces) 


  • Loose leaf herb

Item Form:

  • Dried

    Caffeine Content:

    • Caffeine free

    Scientific name: 

    • Salvia apiana

    Other popular names:

    • n/a


    • Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas and Herbs


    • Witchy Pooh's Exotic Teas and Herbs


      • Kraft paper stand up, zipper closure, heat sealed with hanging hole, and viewing window.


      • 2oz Pouch (56g) Dimensions:
      • Also available by case.

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