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Witchy Pooh’s started out as a small online shop that is steadily growing. We now do offer wholesale, and our products are available in multiple stores across the county.

Many years ago, the owner of Witchy Pooh’s fell ill to a disease called Crohn’s Disease. Due to improper care from the medical field, it almost took her life multiple times. She spent a year barely surviving and living in severe pain. During this time period she became very Intune with the other realm and the veil was very thin. The day came then though when she was forced to receive surgery or move on to the next realm. The owner is a fierce woman with strength and a determination to live. At the time she had a daughter to raise and was not ready to leave her. Between her drive to live, the love she felt from her daughter and some wonderful doctors, a great surgeon, they were able to remove the sections of her GI tract that were severely damaged and patched her back together. They removed 18” of her intestinal tract and repaired multiple locations. They had to leave a lot of damaged areas behind though that they felt would heal in time. The doctors put her on a medication that she was to take daily and had to increased the amount when she had flare ups. She lived for many years still in pain and never feeling 100%. Some days were better than others. Flare ups were now a regular problem. The time came and her daughter went off to college and she began the empty nest syndrome, we all dread.

During this time, she decided to do some research and try to better understand her Crohn’s. She then also researched her medication and found out it was a form of chemo that she was taking daily. Well, this enraged the owner beyond belief. Her fiery soul was now aimed at a new target. Get off the meds. Research, Research, Research. The owner has multiple books that are inches thick full of notes that she took from her studying. She spent hours reading articles about natural forms to help her health issues. Threw it all she found that plants were the best form of relief for more than just her own health issues. She learned about DNA and how to heal it. She has tested many herbs on herself over the years to learn and understand their effects. The owner is no longer needs the medication for Crohn’s disease. She also very rarely has any symptoms of Crohn’s. She does live with symptoms of SBS that was caused by the surgery and knows this is for life. But She’s alive and well, and that feisty women made the decision to help others. She just couldn’t live with idea of not helping others. She had to pay it forward and be a light for others more then she has ever done before. To be a light for the world.  Sadly, due to legal restrictions she is limited on what she can do to help others for now. What she can do is though, is supply the goods to the people with Her products.

 As the company grows so will her ability to help others by means of more than just suppling the products. With big dreams, a strong will power, and a light that shines threw to everyone who uses her products.

The earth supplies all that we need.

Blessed Be.


Witchy Pooh’s Exotic Teas & Herbs is located in Elysburg PA. U.S.A.

You can reach us by:

Email: Witchypoohsteas@gmail.com

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Were happy to assist in issues or concerns. We cannot give medical advise to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Witchy Pooh’s Exotic Teas and Herbs is not liable for any injuries or similar that may occur from using these products.