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Bring in regular customers by having the best loose leaf teas and herbs there are! Our teas and herbs are unique, custom blend teas and herbs. We have a flavor for every ones tastebud's! Be the first to supply in your area! 



 Tree of Life Shoppe

392 W Apple St. Suite 3 Ringtown, PA 17967

Ph# (570) 741-3574

“I love all of Witchy Pooh’s products and even more importantly, my customers love them and come back time and time again for them! Perfectly packed, great information, and a wide variety. Better yet, it saves me time. I am no longer packing herbs to sell in my store. Witchy Pooh’s provides quality products!!!”



  • Samples: Still not sure? Email us at Witchypoohsteas@gmail.com and ask for a free sample kit. Just message us your name, address and store name and we will send you a FREE packet of sample teas and herbs.


  • Sales Tax: 
  • Subscribe to our email to set up an account.
  • Contact us by phone, text or email with your Tax ID#  and give us 24 hours (normally done within a few hours) and we will set up your account so no sales tax is charged. 

Phone#: +1 (570) 900-8427

Email: Witchypooh@witchypoohs.com


  • Ready to order? Its easy!

Pick your products and put them in your cart. Our wholesale minimum is $250.00

50% off will automatically be deducted at checkout

Cases: If you buy products by the case a additional 5% will be deducted at check out for each case. 

  • Finish the check out process and track your order. That's it!

Your customers will love you for it! And will keep coming back for more! Gain regular customers with our wild section of teas and herbs!


Want to really boost sales? Supply hot or ice tea at events!4 women sitting at a table having tea. The table is covered with tasty treats and each women has a tea cup in her hand and are smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.


Host a tea party!
A women holding a tray of deserts with a table full of deserts in front of her and a bunch of people behind her having tea and enjoying the tea party she has thrown.


Give free samples of Witchy Pooh's Tea hot or iced as customers walk in the door! Customers will love you for it! People love to try it before they buy it.
3 cold tea jars with dispensers on them to serve tea to people.


Notice: Klarna can not be used for wholesale orders. We apologize for the inconvenience. We do have Faire though that is a great option for those looking to buy products and pay later. See below. 


Other ways to order wholesale from us:



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